Skype for Business cannot access Master Street Address Guide (MSAG)


When testing civic addresses against an E911 provider’s Master Street Address Guide (MSAG) using the Test-CsLisCivicAddress cmdlet it returns an error.


The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.

Event Log 

Log Name: System
Source: Schannel
Event ID: 36870
Level: Error
A fatal error occurred when attempting to access the SSL client credential private key. The error code returned from the cryptographic module is 0x8009030D. The internal error state is 10003.


The Test-CsLisCivicAddress cmdlet uses a pre-installed personal certificate issued by the E911 service provider to provide secure authentication and communication with the provider’s MSAG database. The certificate is installed using the Set-CsLisServiceProvider cmdlet, but only on the computer where the cmdlet is executed. If Test-CsLisCivicAddress cmdlet is executed on a computer where the Set-CsLisServiceProvider has not been executed you will experience the above described symptoms.


Execute Set-CsLisServiceProvider cmdlet on any computer or server where running the Test-CsLisCivicAddress cmdlet is needed. The original E911 provider certificate and password will be required.


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