Microsoft Teams Video Gallery

Again due to customer demand, I have compiled a list of videos that I recommend my customers to take a look at. Most if not all of the videos are produced by Microsoft, but partner material is really scarce.

I try to find videos that are relevant and fresh, so none of these videos are released prior to 2019. Also I wanted videos that an end customer without a lot of knowledge around Microsoft Teams could learn from, but also deep enough to where features and details are explained or even better demonstrated.

I also tried to find videos that were not too much marketing but also not too deep in the technical weeds. The videos range in duration from 10 minutes to 50 minutes and are not just recorded “PowerPoint by Death” presentations. I also stayed away from short commercial type 1 to 3 minute videos as I didn’t find any substance.

On purpose I did not include any videos from the community (sorry guys) as it tends to really get into the weeds, however there are tons of really good community videos that gets into details, hands-on, specific use case and so forth. Check out the community on Twitter #MicrosoftTeams

The list starts with the more general videos on what Microsoft Teams is and what it can do for your organization and moves into room devices and meetings/live events and finally touching on a few verticals like education and healthcare:

How to use Microsoft Teams – 15 minutes
Microsoft Mechanics Live – (Released 4/29/2019)

Learn everything you need to know about using Microsoft Teams in 15 minutes.  Aya Tange from Microsoft Teams walks through the end-to-end user experiences with a full demo tutorial: from chat and collaboration to online meetings and calling capabilities. If you’re in IT, we also cover the core set of admin controls for managing Microsoft Teams.

What’s new in Microsoft Teams – 50 minutes
Microsoft Tech Community (Ignite Tour) – (Released 4/2/2019)

Teamwork is how work gets done today. Microsoft Teams, the hub for teamwork in Office 365, meets every team’s unique needs by bringing together people, conversations, meetings, calls, files and tools in one place, including intelligent communications capabilities. In this demo-rich session, we will look at how Teams has evolved and what new capabilities – both for end users and IT teams – have been added recently. We will also look at some of the exciting new features that are coming to the product.

What is the Surface Hub 2S? – 15 minutes
Microsoft Mechanics Live – (Released 4/17/2019)

Complete details, demo and specifications of the Surface Hub 2S, an all-in-one collaboration device that’s built for teamwork – delivering a digital whiteboard, meetings platform, and fully integrated Windows 10 computing experience in one device.

Introducing Live Events in Microsoft Stream – 20 minutes
Microsoft Mechanics Live – (Released 7/12/2019)

See the new capabilities to create and stream live events, how you can easily create and publish video content with PowerPoint and Microsoft Stream. And admins, we’ll show you updates to controlling who can create channels, upload content, and how Stream supports GDPR compliance.

Microsoft Teams updates for Firstline Workers – 15 minutes
Microsoft Mechanics Live – (Released 3/7/2019)

A close look at the Microsoft Teams updates for Firstline Workers and their managers across industries. Microsoft Teams’ Product Manager, Keara James, reviews the new mobile features relevant to Firstline Workers such as a new smart camera, the ability to record and share audio, your location, and much more. You’ll also see the Shifts capability that enables managers to easily build shift schedules, share daily goals, corporate content, and also enables employees to easily review shifts and make shift change requests. All configurable by IT using the updated admin center.

Teams in the Classroom at Microsoft Inspire 2019 – 10 minutes
Microsoft (Inspire) – (Released 7/18/2019)

Using Microsoft Teams and AI, Dr. David Kellerman, lecturer in the school of engineering at the University of New South Wales, has more than enhanced the experience of his students — he’s transformed the classroom and learning experience, while creating a community of learners.

Microsoft Healthcare Demo – 25 minutes
Microsoft Business Applications TV – (Released 7/1/2019)

Microsoft Healthcare demonstration shows Microsoft Teams, Azure AI Machine Learning, Azure IoT, Power BI, Dynamics 365 CRM, Marketing, Flow, Unified Service Desk and Virtual Agent / Bots.

As a summary, what I found was really lacking was more industry specific but also vendor material around phone devices and room systems. Everything was either very geeky and task specific blog type stuff, but not very comprehensive or well produced. I do understand that Microsoft has all the funding in the world, but producing 10 to 15 minute really good overview videos for your add-on products would help immensely getting the story across the right way.


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