Microsoft Teams Video Gallery

Again due to customer demand, I have compiled a list of videos that I recommend my customers to take a look at. Most if not all of the videos are produced by Microsoft, but partner material is really scarce. I try to find videos that are relevant and fresh, so none of these videos are … Continue reading Microsoft Teams Video Gallery

Microsoft Teams Voice Training

I often get asked about what kind of voice/communication specific training is available for Microsoft Teams by customers with internal UC departments that have legacy Cisco or Avaya resources who need to be re-trained. In the olden days, not so long ago you would send your people out for a few 5-day instructor lead courses … Continue reading Microsoft Teams Voice Training

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Certificate Providers

Getting ready to setup the home lab again to tinker with Teams Direct Routing, I’m in need of a single server certificate for the virtual SBC that I will be publishing. As I am not a Microsoft MVP, I don’t get the same perks, like free certificates from DigiCert. So it was time to look … Continue reading Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Certificate Providers

Configure SPF and DMARC for Office 365 and IIS SMTP.

So, what is all the fuss with DMARC when we already have SPF in place? Aren’t we already validating the sending SMTP domain? The answer is; yes and no. The SMTP domain is only being partially validated. This is meant to be a “how to” tutorial and by no means a detailed explanation on how … Continue reading Configure SPF and DMARC for Office 365 and IIS SMTP.