Microsoft Teams Direct Routing Certificate Providers

Getting ready to setup the home lab again to tinker with Teams Direct Routing, I’m in need of a single server certificate for the virtual SBC that I will be publishing. As I am not a Microsoft MVP, I don’t get the same perks, like free certificates from DigiCert.

So it was time to look at the list of trusted root certificate authorities, match them to a provider and get the cheapest pricing as I am paying myself. Some of the root CAs on the list are not purchasable anymore and are there for backwards compatibility and some of the authorities are big telecom companies where you cannot buy direct.

One thing I did find very interesting doing my research is that it looks like DigiCert is becoming a conglomerate in that vertical consuming players such as Symantec, Verisign and QuoVadis and also re-selling through other outlets.

It now boils down to 11 players where you can purchase the certificates and I scoured their sites to get the cheapest single domain annual 1 year cost.

Provider Web Site Annual Currency
Buypass 31 Euro
Comodo 99 USD
DigiCert 198 USD
Entrust 199 USD
GlobalSign 249 USD
Go Daddy 80 USD
GeoTrust 149 USD
Starfield 40 USD
SwissSign 147 Euro
Thawte 199 USD
Trustwave 175 USD

One thing to mention is that both GeoTrust and Commodo offer free certificate trials. I couldn’t find much information on GeoTrust’s site but the Commodo site offers you a single server, single domain certificate for 90 days and it looks like it is automated without a lot of sales fluff, but I am soon to find out.

I make no warranties that I selected the right certificate offer from the provider that actually links back to the supported root certificate. Please check with the provider before purchasing.

Microsoft Teams / Cloud voice / Phone System / Direct Routing / Plan Direct Routing

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